VERA has participated to the following events:

  • JEP 2014 (Le Mans, France, June 23-27): this 30th edition of the French speaking community on speech processing and analysis was organized by the LIUM, partner of the VERA project. One scientific paper from the project was presented during this international event.
  • LREC 2014 (Reykjavik, Iceland): the VERA project has presented two scientific papers during this edition of the Language Resources and Evaluation Conference.
  • ERRARE 2013 (Ermenonville, France): The VERA project was at the initiative of this event First International Workahop on Errors by Humans and Machines in multimedia, multimodal and multilingual data processing. This workshop has been co-organized by: IMMI-CNRS, CNRS Mission for Interdisciplinarity, ELRA, Quaero ANR Vera, Défi Repère, Chist-era Camomile, Labex EFL, LIUM, LNE, Digiteo.
  • LAW/ACL 2013 (Sofia, Bulgaria, August 8-9, 2015): one scientific paper was presented to the 7th Linguistic Annotation Workshop & Interoperability Discourse, a satellite event of the ACL 2013 conference.
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